Give your fans the shared experience they want.

Host an interactive, online listening party for your fans. Premier your new music with Wave and get paid.

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The concept

It’s all about experiences nowadays.

Wave lets you reach fans around the world an online listening and video experience. You’re hosting a launch party, and we’re your venue. We set up everything and take care of the tech. You give your fans a show.


how it works



Invite your fans to a live listening and video session hosted by you with Wave. Fans can join in via app or URL, no subscription required. Promote with a simple link via your social media and listserve. We’ll co-promote the event with you.



Experience your music with your fans. Add comments about the inspiration behind your music before the event begins. While you’re live, chat with fans and stream video. It’s your online release party, and you are in control of the show.



Sell tickets to the event before and/or sell merchandise during the show. Reward loyal fans with exclusive access items. Sell pre-order bundles to up your chart ranking. All sales take place directly in the experience. No external links or redirects. This is your online concert, earn money how you choose.



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sell merch

When your fans are at your concert they are 3x more likely to buy a piece of merch than they are through an e-commerce link. It’s because of the experience. Sell merch directly to your fans while they are experiencing your music with them online. No redirects. You can even sell pre-order bundles to up your chart ranking.


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Encourage pre-saves

Wave allows fans to listen to new music with you one time before it’s available for streaming. Take the opportunity to encourage your fans to Pre-Save these tracks on Spotify and Apple Music for later, on-demand playback.




Your fans are your best promoters

Give your fans a show they can’t stop talking about, and they will promote you and your new music for weeks to come.


Make more money

Wave is an additional way to earn money besides just royalties from streams. We are your online launch party, where you can sell tickets to the event and/or offer merchandise for sale. With Wave, you get paid before your new music is available on DSPs.


why us?


It’s all about you AND YOUR FANS

We’re not a DSP. We’re not a replacement for Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. We are an online venue where you can showcase your music and interact with your fans. That’s why we don’t require you fans to download or sign-up for an account with us. This is about you and them.


existing social platforms weren’t made for music

Most social platforms are video first. You might be able to play your music in the background, but your fans can’t lose themselves in the music. Wave gives your fans the same listening power as Spotify or Apple Music with the addition of live chat and video.

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Let’s work together

Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There’s not some trick involved with it. It’s pure and it’s real. It moves, it heals, it communicates and does all these incredible things.
— Tom Petty